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Children and adolescents face many of the same problems as adults. Whether confronted with performance problems or relationship difficulties, the only difference is that they usually have fewer skills, fewer resources, and less life experience to help them cope with challenging times. Every parent wants their child to thrive. Children and teens today are under some very unique stresses for which child and teen counseling can prove highly effective.

Michelle Rincon - Children and Teens

The teen and tween years are developmentally challenging and may require you to seek outside help for you and your child. Using a family systems and person-centered approach, I provide a safe place and create a foundation of respect in order to build trust, while mentoring your child so they can think clearly and effectively. As a mother with children of my own, I personally understand how challenging this age can be. Many psychological patterns are established during this period of life and will continue into adulthood. Counseling can help you and your adolescent identify these patterns of thinking and behaving, creating lasting change that lead to a successful adulthood.

Counseling can help teenagers:

  • Improve social skills with peers, teachers, and coaches.
  • Identify positive traits in themselves and overcome defeating thoughts.
  • Learn effective communication.
  • Handle strong emotions and build skills for life.

I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation for new clients.