Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a unique therapy that can help relieve pain and anxiety, and restores your sense of presence and curiosity for life.  It supports your ability to connect, encourages integrated emotional stability, relaxed alertness, which result in sustained feelings of a grounded embodiment.

Somatic Experiencing is a mind/body approach that honors the dynamic interrelation between all the parts that make up a whole person. It encourages awareness and healing on every level including physical, mental, and emotional.

Somatic Experiencing therapy is effective in supporting us in overcoming the effects of accumulated stress from life.

It also can help with the after effects of trauma and traumatic injury. Whether injuries are physical or emotional – neuroscience has shown that supporting the nervous system can help us recover and release the “charge” and patterns that the nervous system is holding as a result of these past experiences.

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, fear, depression, pain, dissociation, loss of a sense of self and loss of connection to your body can all be symptoms of accumulated stress or trauma.

Healing through S.E.

Somatic Experiencing treatment can lead to a resolution of trauma-related symptoms by:

  • Healing trauma and injury held in the body
  • Re-establishing a sense of safety by repairing breached boundaries
  • Developing somatic mindfulness and present-moment awareness
  • Creating conditions of safety so the nervous system may return to a regulated state
  • Attuning a person to their own organic intelligence and innate capacity to heal.

How Somatic Experiencing Was Developed

Wild animals are consistently able to return to normal after traumatic experiences and rarely develop adverse side effects like humans.

Dr. Peter Levine, the founder of Somatic Experiencing developed this modality by looking to the wisdom inherent in nature by observing the behaviors of animals in the wild.  He wanted to understand how animals so easily recovered after their traumas and why humans store traumatic experience.

Somatic Experiencing, with over 40 years of research and development, is an effective alternative health care modality practiced throughout the world and has paved a way for those who suffer from trauma to find relief and a return to wholeness.

Somatic Experiencing is a great adjunct to Psychotherapy, as it invites clients to include the experience inside their body as it relates to the story. This encourages a sense of embodiment and steers clients away from re-traumatizing themselves through the retelling of their story over and over again.

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