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My integrative approach is based on the latest research on psychodynamic therapy, trauma, and attachment theory, which is relevant to how we struggle with crisis and/or repetitive patterns that keep us from being our authentic selves.

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Individual Counseling

I can assist you in addressing unresolved issues and self-destructive patterns, while helping you create solutions that promote healing, growth, and connection in your life.

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Relationship Counseling

Having a companion in life has many benefits and can be a very meaningful experience, yet couples often find themselves struggling to maintain a fulfilling and healthy relationship. I am here to guide you through turbulent periods as you grow together as partners.

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Children and Teen Counseling

Using both a family systems and person-centered approach, I provide a safe place for growth and healing. By creating a foundation of respect, I help build trust and support your child during this critical time.

What Clients Say

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About Me:

I am in this work to help you connect to the parts of you that are wise and strong. To help you find the courage to face your fears, speak your truth, and to be authentic and present in your life and relationships.

I have worked with children, teens and adults of all ages in psychotherapy in many different settings and situations as a intuitive counselor and trauma healer.

These experiences have left me with a profound respect for our ability to struggle with and then, emerge from relationship difficulties, life changes, and obstacles to achieve fulfillment.

My integrative approach is based on the latest work in psychodynamic therapy, trauma, and attachment theory, all of which are relevant to how we struggle with crises and/or repetitive patterns in our lives.

With this, I help Individuals, Couples and Families work through problems and emotional challenges.

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I offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation for new clients.